​                                                                                           C A R R O L L   C O U N T Y 
                                       R E P U B L I C A N   W O M E N  
                                                       Established in 1943
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Our Elected Officials Represent YOU

State Rep. 89th District - Tony McCombie
State Senator 45th District - Andrew Chesney

15th Judicial Circuit Judges
Jerry Kane, Peter McClanathan, Clayton Lindsey
15th Judicial Circuit Assoc. Judge - Scott Brinkmeier

Carroll County​ Elected Officials
 Sheriff - Ryan Kloepping
 State's Attorney - Aaron Kaney 
Circuit Clerk - Patty Hiher
 Clerk & Recorder - Amy Buss
 Treasurer - Lydia Hutchcraft 
Coroner - Matt Jones
Regional Superintendent of Schools - Aaron Mercier

Carroll County Board Members

District 1
 (Freedom, Savanna 1-6, Salem, Woodland, Washington Precincts)
Dave Soldat* Susan Jacobs* Chris Flikkema

District 2 
(Mt. Carroll 1-3, Fairhaven, York Precincts)
Julie Bickelhaupt *Jamie Rieck

District 3 
(Cherry Grove/Shannon 1-2, Rock Creek/Lima 1-2, Wysox 1-2, Elkhorn Grove Precincts)
William Iske *Joe Payette * Keith Vandermyde


Celebrating 81 years in Carroll County

The ILLINOIS GOP will only be as strong as our  VOLUNTEERS 

...folks from around the state *and our county* 
who are willing to lend their time and energy 
to strengthening our county and our state. 

Take the first step  
by signing up now for 
Carroll County Republican Women
in collaboration with the CARROLL COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY

Make a Difference...Help Us Turn Our BLUE State RED

C C R W   S c h o l a r s h i p   W i n n e r s

    2024-----Isabella Lego - Lanark
    2023-----Tori Mosher - Mt. Carroll
    2022-----Ty Bickelhaupt - Mt. Carroll
    2021-----Sophia Guenzler - Savanna
    2020-----Nicole Adolph - Mt. Carroll          
    2019-----Kortney Queckenborne - Milledgeville 
    2018-----Leah Kuiper - Lanark