​                                                                                           C A R R O L L   C O U N T Y 
                                       R E P U B L I C A N   W O M E N  
                                                       Established in 1943
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About Carroll County Republican Women
(Describe when you were founded, the most important thing your company does, what you care most about, and what sets you apart from similar businesses.) 

Carroll County Republican Women is family-owned and operated right here in , . Since our company opened its doors in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
Point to ponder...
"Do not listen to what politicians say.  Watch what they do."
(Contact your elected officials...they represent YOU!)
Educating, Engaging, and Empowering Women Since 1943.

2024 CCRW Leadership

 Executive Committee
  (Voting members)

    President - Patty Hiher
    Vice President - Karen Funk 
    Secretary - Amy Buss 
    Treasurer - Deb Peterson
    Immediate Past-President - Lana Soldat
    Standing Committee Chairs

 Standing Committees
  (Voting Members)

    Bylaws - Amy Barnes

    Campaign Activities - Diane Bradbury

    Fundraising - Robin McConnel

    Legislative - Michelle Buckwalter-Schurman/                                    Lana Soldat

   Membership - Lana Soldat / Elaine Rooker, P.E.

   Programs - Karen Funk

    Public Relations / Communications 
    - Deb Peterson (newspaper) 
    - Gail Noonan (Chair/website) 
    - Amy Buss (newsletter)
    - Karen Funk (email)

 Special Committees

   Americanism/MELP - Lydia Hutchcraft/
                                        Patti Kloepping
   Armed Services - Amy Buss
   Awards/Scholarship - Bridget O'Neill
   Caring for America - Marla O'Neill
   Club Achievement Awards - Karen Funk
   Historian - Elaine Rooker, P.S.
   Programs Committee
     Savanna-Elaine Rooker, P.E.
     Thomson - Lana Soldat/Robin McConnel
     Milledgeville-Karen Funk
     Lanark/Shannon - Patti Kloepping​
     Mt. Carroll - Amy Buss/Susan Jacobs

​   Appointed Positions

    Chaplain - Lydia Hutchcraft
    Parliamentarian - Susan Jacobs
    Sunshine - April Eberle
Patty Hiher
Karen Funk
Deb Peterson
Amy Buss

Republicans are UNITED by the Constitution & the PARTY PLATFORM

Click the link above to view the Illinois Republican Party Platform

                    STANDING COMMITTEE 

Bylaws Committee
Conduct a biennial review of the CCRW bylaws and Standing Rules; to receive, consider, and draft recommendations in regard to possible changes in Bylaws and Standing Rules.

​Campaign Committee
Mobilize CCRW in support of local, state and federal campaigns. Organize participation in local parades and the county fair. Gather and submit the CCRW campaign hours to NFRW twice a year in January and July.

Fundraising Committee
Prepare and implement a plan for raising funds in order
to meet the CCRW’s budget.

    Inform CCRW membership on state and national issues pending in the Illinois General Assembly and US Congress. 

    Assist in efforts to increase membership and aid in the planning of membership recruitment events. 

    Plan CCRW meetings by securing the venue, menu, cost of attendance, table decorations and speaker(s).  

   Promote good public relations for the CCRW; not only through the usual media such as newspapers, and radio, but also through social media, email, newsletters, CCRW website, and the precinct committeemen. 

NFRW Elects 2024-2025 Leadership

    President: Julie Harris, AR
    1st Vice President: Martha Jenkins, NC
    2nd Vice President: Karen Newton, TX
    3rd Vice President: Michelle Buckwalter-Schurman, IL
    4th Vice President: Keri Abernathy, MS
    Secretary: Heidi Parker Martin, LA
    Treasurer: Cindy Casaus, AZ

  Following the convention, the NFRW Board of Directors elected the three members-at-large to the NFRW Executive Committee. They are Britney Garner of Alabama, Lorie Legere of Oklahoma, and Jennie Frederick of Wisconsin.



​   Foster respect for the Flag of the United States of America as well as provide educational materials/books to local libraries and/or schools.

  Seek to identify veterans in our community so as to honor them and their service to our country. 

  Establish criteria for the CCRW Annual Scholarship Award directed to local High Schools Seniors and determine a worthy recipient.  Winner will present their essay at the June meeting.  Also, establish criteria for the Bernette Weiler Award (CCRW Woman of the Year), determine the winner, if one, and announce the winner at the final CCRW meeting of the year. 

    Support our local communities by supporting local organizations such as but not limited to local food pantries, active military, law enforcement, fire officials, and other first responders. 

    Review criteria for the NFRW Club Achievement Award biennial program and pursue a level of achievement. CCRW was awarded the highest level (Diamond) in 2021 and 2023, and the Gold Club Achievement Award in 2019.

    Assists the Secretary in documenting and maintaining historical events. 


IFRW Elects 2024-2025 Leadership

​   PRESIDENT: Lana Soldat, Carroll County
    1st VICE PRESIDENT: Linda Hernandez, Peoria County
    2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Diane Jordan, Tazewell County
    3rd VICE PRESIDENT: Debbie Leininger, Stephenson                     County
    4th VICE PRESIDENT: Jennifer Yborra, Macon County
    SECRETARY: Beth Provost, Kankakee County
    TREASURER: Caritina Mayer, Winnebago County


Lana Soldat
President of the IL Federation of Republican Women 

Representative House Leader
Representative Tony McCombie
89th District
Illinois Republican
Senator Andrew Chesney
45th District

The Honorable Rep. Tony McCombie
Illinois House Republican Leader

This is history-making news...Rep. McCombie is the 1st woman to lead a legislative caucus in the Illinois House of Representatives.

The Illinois House Republican Caucus elected Tony McCombie (R-Savanna) as the House Republican Leader for the upcoming 103rd General Assembly. 

Senator Chesney loves Illinois and cares passionately about our state’s future and is a champion for its Northwest Illinois values. As a tireless advocate for the hardworking men and women of Northwest Illinois he has been a leading voice for the elimination of corruption in state government and the accountability of elected officials as a sponsor of ethics reform legislation. Chesney was one of the three Petitioners who officially launched the internal special investigation committee of former Speaker of the House Mike Madigan.

    Judge Joe is a husband, father, lifelong Illinoisan, and faithful steward of the law. Joe McGraw has spent his career in law enforcement – as a prosecutor, private attorney, and judge. Now, he’s stepping down from the bench so he can fight to save America for the next generation. Joe McGraw is ready to take on corruption in Washington and return our district to a safe, free, and economically prosperous community.