​                                                                             C A R R O L L   C O U N T Y 
                            R E P U B L I C A N   W O M E N  
                                            Established in 1943
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We are an army of Republican Women that support the Republican Party Platform and work towards growing new Republican leaders at all levels of government.

2016 thru 2023 have already been making History!  

What will YOU do to be a positive part 
of that history in 2024
Make a difference and grow our freedoms.

Bring a friend to join our Club TODAY!

Benefits of Membership

  • Networking with women who share similar interests and concerns.
  • Meetings with informative and educational programs.
  • Becoming active in our community/county and positively impacting the county and country.
  • Meeting local, state and national Republican women.
  • Meeting Republican Party leaders.
  • Automatic member of the IFRW (Illinois Federation of Republican Women), and the NFRW (National Federation of Republican Women).
  • Newsletter and information from local club, state and national federations.
  • Access to training in leadership, working on campaigns and opportunities for involvement.

Will YOU Join Us?

2024 is a pivotal year!  

    Join thousands of Republican women across the nation in building leaders, energizing communities and keeping America strong! 

We welcome all Republican women and hope you will join our network. Help us make a difference in our Carroll County communities and beyond.

Share the Vision...Join Republican Women

It's FAST & Easy!  
-Submit your application by printing the application below and mail   - OR - 
- Pay in person by cash/check at one of our luncheons

J O I N   U S
M e m b e r s h i p   C h a l l e n g e
E a c h  O n e - B r i n g  O n e

 W A T C H   U S   G R O W

Keep in Mind...

Growth  =  Members  =  Strength  =  Votes  =  

Republican Majority
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
Remember to Renew Your Membership in October!

    Luncheons are a great time & place to renew, but you are also welcome to mail your form/check payable to CCRW to:

Lana Soldat, 21-31 Forest Hill Drive, Lanark, IL.  61046

Basic dues are $30, but we encourage you to consider joining at a SUSTAINER LEVEL. The extra funds are very much appreciated and help us to reach out into our Carroll County communities.  

Our organization grows by invitation, so please invite your friends to our meetings, too.

    Contributing - $35
    Gold - $40
    Diamond - $45
Cloudy Days...
April Eberle, Sunshine Chair

If anyone knows of a 
CCRW member
who is sick or has passed 
or just needs a cheerful note, 
please contact April Eberle 
with their address so a 
personal card can be mailed. 

Thank you.
C O M M U N I T Y   S E R V I C E *

"Caring for America" Projects
- Food/monetary donations to local food pantries; 
- Thank you notes/snacks to honor Law Enforcement and other first responders

Literacy Project / Maimie Eisenhower Literacy Project (MELP)
- Book donations to local public libraries 

CCRW Scholarships 
- Scholarships for high school seniors
Membership Committee

 Lana Soldat / Elaine Rooker, P.E., Co-Chairs

    Joining a local club is a great way to participate in the political process at the grassroots level, develop leadership skills and network with women in your community.

    Members of Carroll County Republican Women are automatically members of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women and of the National Federation of Republican Women.

    Dues at the local level vary, but include state membership dues (IFRW), which are $10.00 per member per year; and national membership dues (NFRW), which are $20.00 per member per year.

We welcome you to join us today!

Stay Informed! Get Involved Today!

CCRW conducts general membership meetings on the 4th Thursday of February, April, June, September and October, and we welcome members and guests to attend these meetings. You will have the opportunity to meet many vibrant women who are making a difference in our communities and across the state!
Now is NOT the time to sit on the sidelines. Decide how you can become involved and then JOIN CCRW!

Submit your application by printing the application below and mail to: Lana Soldat, 21-31 Forest Hill Drive, Lanark, IL  61046

Additional Benefits of Membership
* Community Service
* Timely Projects
* Inspiring, Challenging Speakers
* Meet and Greet with Candidates
* Annual Legislative Visit Opportunity
* Fund-raising Initiatives
* Voter Registration Drives
* Networking and Relationships
* Opportunities to Grow and Serve

Our Mission

    Carroll County Republican Women is dedicated to promoting the principles of the Republican Party through an informed electorate by educating and empowering its members, and by electing Republicans to local, state and national offices.

    It is our mission to strengthen the voice of Republican women at all community and government levels. We support our local, state and national candidates and elected officials. We aspire to teach patriotism and the benefits of involvement.

    Our History
      - Carroll County Republican Women (CCRW) was founded in 1943 and was one of the first clubs to be established in Illinois.
    - The Club serves the communities of Carroll County Illinois, including Mt. Carroll, Savanna, Thomson, Chadwick, Milledgeville, Lanark, Shannon and Lake Carroll.
    - We take pride in our American heritage, our community and the support of our troops.
    - We are dedicated to the U.S. Constitution and to the conservative principles of the Republican Party.
    - CCRW is part of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women (IFRW) and of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).

Republican Women are the heart and hands, the foot soldiers of the Republican Party. 2017 through 2020 continued to prove to be defining years for our Country, our State
and our local communities. Republican Women are informed, attuned, and motivated to synergize Republican principles.
Join us for 2021!

Together We
-Identify and Elect Republican candidates at all levels.
-Volunteer and Vote and hold accountable Republican and other Elected Officials. 
-Team up and stand shoulder to shoulder to continue to 
  Keep America Great!


 Lana Soldat, 2021-2022
 The Honorable Rep. Tony McCombie, 2019-2020 
 Jodi Purlee, 2015-2018
 Robin McConnel, 2011-2014
 Michelle Schurman, 2007- 2010
 Venita McConnel, 2005-2006 
 Judy Gray, 2003-2004
 Betty Harms, 2001-2002 
 Frances Burkholder, 1999-2001 
 Sandra Kopecky, 1995-1998 
 Frances Burkholder, 1993-1994 
 Margie Bausman, 1989-1992 
 JoAnn Palmer, 1987-1988
 Val Warner, 1987
 Betty Harms, 1983-1986
 Wanda Stewart, 1981-1982
 Nancy Freeman, 1979-1980 
 Marilyn Magill, 1977-1978
 Helen Turnbaugh, 1975-1976 
 Harriet Bickelhaupt, 1973-1974 
 Bernelle Weiler, 1971-1972
 Helen Mackay, 1967-1970
 Martha Hartman, 1965-1966 
 Roberta Colehour Rusk, 1964 
 Maxine Polhill, 1963-1964
 Evelyn Senneff, 1959-1962
 N. Jean Sturtevant, 1957-1958 
 Mrs. Stanley Finnefrock, 1955-1956 
 Maxine Polhill, 1943-1954

Engaging, Educating & Empowering Women...since 1943
2021 Diamond Club Achievement Award